Panorama City Tour We recommend this tour to those who want to see a bit more than just Old Town area and have a bit more time for exploring our city or to those who want to discover Vilnius in more comfortable way because this offer includes use of... more Vilnius Old Town Walk This tour is absolutely a must-do for everyone visiting Vilnius. Its Old Town is one of the largest and most beautiful in Eastern Europe. We would be very glad to show you the best of it and help you discover most interesting sites in... more Jewish Heritage Tour Before World War 2, almost 45 % of total city population were Jews. Over 100 active synagogues and prayer houses existed here, 6 Jewish daily newspapers were printed and Yiddish language was easily heard on the streets. We would like to... more Getting to/leaving Vilnius If you are not travelling by plane, don’t get exhausted during a long journey by train from/to any other city far from Vilnius. You can always use our service and get comfortable ride by our mini-van/bus with English speaking driver.... more Vilnius Airport Transfers Just let us know when you are arriving in Vilnius and we will pick you up from the airport and take you straight to your hotel. more