Most beautiful temples in Vilnius


Vilnius is the city of temples. Here you will find Catholic, Orthodox and Uniate churches, a synagogue, and even a Karaite temple. It is also the Northern Jerusalem, the former important place of Jewish culture, between the two World Wars it was the home for 53000 Jews, two synagogues and more than 100 prayer houses. According to local guides’ praise, Vilnius is also the capital of the last European heathen and the City of Pilgrims. Our Lady the Ostrobramska in Ostra Brama is one of the most important places for Christians in Europe. You can read about Ostra Brama, the Cathedral Basilica and other important secular attractions in another inscription called Top 10 attractions of Vilnius. But now I invite you on a tour around the most important temples of Vilnius.

St. Anna’s church

The most famous monument in Vilnius, unique in European scale. St. Anna church was built in flaming gothic style between 1495-1500, using 33 types of bricks. The facade of this small church leaves a great impression. According to legend, Napoleon Bonaparte wanted to take this church to Paris. Sadly, the church isn’t as beautiful on the inside as on the outside, so if you don’t have much time, you’d better get going, because there is a lot of more interesting churches to see.

St. Franz of Assisi church (Bernardine)
Right next to St. Anna’s church you can find the St. Franz of Assisi church, also known as the Bernardini church. It is a massive gothic temple, which was later styled for renaissance and baroque. On the inside it is quite ruined, but thanks to that, it is even more fascinating for the visitors. Luckily everything is restored with success. You will see the gothic vaults and paintings as well as baroque altars. In the side nave you can see two renaissance gravestones, including one closely connected to Gdansk through its creator. In the northern nave there is a marble gravestone of Stanislaw Radziwill, created by Wilhelm van den Blocke.
Also, don’t forget to see the monastery part with gothic vaults and wall ornaments. On the other side of the street there is another worth seeing temple. It is a renaissance St. Michael Archangel church with a beautiful interior and monumental gravestone statue of Sapieha the Lion.

The Pure Bogurodzica church
When I first saw this temple in Vilnius, it reminded me of the Suprasl monastery. The Pure Bogurodzica church is located upon Wilenka, right by the district of Zarzecze. Its history is quite stormy. It was built in the middle ages, later replaced with a council and finally given to units. In the 19th century it held the university library, a museum, barracks and apartments. In the mid-19th century it was rebuilt in Georgian style. While being inside, don’t forget to notice the ornamental iconostasis. Want to hear another trivia fact? In 1516 Helen, the wife of king Alexander Jagiellonczyk was buried in this church.


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